Fashion designer

Madeeha Shoaib

“I aim to rewrite the rules for the 21st century bride by combining dramatic experimentation with timeless techniques and styles. My work features hand-crafted and custom-tailored couture pieces that uplift brides who value confidence, are environmentally aware and aspire for elegance.”

About us

How It Begins

Madeeha Shoaib is a connoisseur and designer of bespoke Haute Couture. She believes in bringing back couture with its original craftmanship and has a team of carefully curated artisans who are fiercely passionate about bringing her novel ideas to life.

Her pieces are created with a fusion in mind: East meets West in a visually stunning blend of the two cultures. Madeeha’s creations are made with the modern woman in mind, a wearer who is both proud of her traditions and cognizant of the global stage. 

Her artistic flair and expert eye are evident in her custom-made luxury-wear pieces, each of which has a unique back story, and is lovingly created with hand-crafted embellishments, delicate thread-work, and careful attention to detail.

Her love affair with high fashion began when she was a child and would design clothes for herself and her family. She learned the basics from the College of Home Economics and National College of Arts in Lahore, going on to sharpen her skills in Toronto, where she learned advanced couture designing. Her artistic background is reflected in all of her pieces, and each individual masterpiece hums with a unique theme and story.

Madeeha often spends precious months at a time working on her pieces. She treats each piece as a blank canvas, adorning it with bold and different mediums, colors and textures, all while keeping the wearer in mind. Each Madeeha Shoaib original truly reflects the story of both the designer and the wearer, coming together in a stunning harmony of aesthetic, technique and artistic vision.